Wednesday Words…

Wednesday words began in late 2002 with this thought: If I wrote something fresh each Wednesday – say, 500 words or so – on how God reveals Himself in everyday life, would 15 – 20 of my closest friends want to read it? They all said “yes,” so I started. And then the thing just kind of took on a life of its own.
Give or take 300 Wednesday’s later, I’m still writing. The list of free subscribers numbers almost 1,300 now, and the pass-along readers who respond are from as far away as Beijing, Rome, and Munich – and as nearby as New Braunfels, Crosby and Lake Jackson. (God bless Texas, as we say around here.)
I hope you enjoy reading. Leave a comment if you like, and come back soon!

“Tell the truth but tell it slant – success in circuit lies – too bright for our infirm delight – the Truth’s superb surprise…”